How are the children post-Irma?

By Connie J. Byrd, Esq.
Board Member, FLAFCC

I received a link to an article today from my friends at the Florida Dependency Law Center. What a timely reminder that we need to stay focused on the young people in our lives! For families and caregivers already dealing with the emotions of divorce or other family disputes, it is easy to overlook signs of child behavior following a disaster that may signal that they are more than just bore or restless. According to Jessica Dym Bartlett, writing for Child Trends, “the presence of a sensitive, nurturing, and predictable adult is one of the most important factors to children’s well-being following a disaster.” She goes on to write that we need to “emphasize hope and positivity” so that children feel safe. I am going to work a little harder to be that influence for good in a child’s life today, and I hope you will join me!