What Is Collaborative Divorce –
Divorce does not have to be destructive

While no one gets married planning on divorce, it’s a fact that it happens. But the financial and emotional strain can be drastically reduced through the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative law seeks solutions allowing each person impacted by a divorce – especially children – to have the best post-divorce lives possible.

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What is Collaborative Law?

This offers an innovative and cost-effective alternative to divorcing couples who do not want a traditional courtroom divorce.

It provides the convenience and privacy necessary for the divorcing couple and their families, taking into account their unique needs and situation.

It can utilize the expertise of financial and mental health professionals to help divorcing couples come to agreement.

It’s Financially Conservative

In a collaborative divorce process, divorcing couple work with professionals to help resolve financial, parenting and other related issues.

Collaborative law is a more cost-effective process than a traditional divorce, structured so divorcing couples work with collaborative professionals to resolve financial, parenting, and other important issues. This allows couples to invest directly in solutions rather than costly litigation.

It’s More Personal

When undergoing a collaborative divorce process, the divorcing couple doesn’t hand over control to a judge who isn’t familiar with their unique circumstances. Instead, they work without court interference with collaborative professionals who are focused on delivering the most positive outcome possible for the family. 

It’s Less Disruptive

The divorcing couple in a collaborative divorce has the flexibility to schedule meetings with their team when it’s most convenient for all of the participants. This is far more convenient than attempting to rearrange a family’s schedule to meet when the court sees fit.

It’s Family-focused

Even though a marriage may be ending, relationships and obligations often continue, especially when children are involved. A collaborative divorce allows each parent to create agreements that focus on their most important individual and mutual goals. This process helps all family members move forward in a positive way – focused on the future, rather than dwelling on arguments and disputes of the past.

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