Traffic Tickets –
If a traffic violation has stopped you, we can help

 Your defense against traffic tickets

Have you received a ticket for a traffic violation? Traffic tickets might seem minor, but they can affect your auto insurance rates, impact driving privileges and may result in more substantial penalties in the future if not properly addressed.

For commercial drivers, motorists who want to minimize insurance liability or drivers facing possible criminal consequences or loss of a driver’s license, the right attorney with local knowledge can help you avoid points, driver’s school and even court appearances. Don’t wait until you’re in danger of losing your license.

Work directly with a local attorney

At Byrd & Byrd, LLP, you’ll work directly with one of our attorneys who will help you to fight traffic tickets, prevent points from accumulating and maintain your clean driving record from the very beginning. We are a local firm, which means you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one service from an attorney who knows the local court system, not a bank of out-of-town attorneys you might encounter elsewhere.

Byrd & Byrd has experience with all forms of traffic violations, including:

Protect your record and your license

If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Florida, we encourage you to contact an experienced traffic and criminal defense attorney at Byrd & Byrd, LLP. We may even be able to better represent you if you’re unable to appear for basic traffic violations, saving you time and potential lost wages.

 Call Byrd & Byrd, LLP today at 904-731-0990, and let us be your voice in traffic court.